For entertainment purposes only

Professional sports are a form of entertainment to keep peoples’ attention from the real game we all play, called life.

It is with this train of thought that compels me to include the occasional sports related post in this here blog.

Since the sports department led by Davey “Maverick” Selvig will not let this great football mind I possess into their good ole boys club known as Pigskin Picks, I will one up him at his own game. Not only will I pick the winners but I will pick NFL teams that will beat the point spread.

Think of this as my shot out to Matthew McConaughey in the movie “Two for the Money.”

I must state this though; these picks are for entertainment purposes only. Also don’t come looking for me if you put the five picks in a parley and lose your socks.

Everyone and their mother will be watching the game tonight between the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints on the Big Easy. The sports score app on my BlackBerry tells me the Saints and 4.5 point favorites. They will be gunning for Old Man Favre who doesn’t have any real options at wide out. Plus look for Brees to ignite an aerial assault.
The Saints will cover the spread.

The Indianapolis Colts are 1 point favorites over the Houston Texans on the road at Reliant Stadium.
Look for Peyton to do what he does best a throw the ball to a Indy victory by more than 1 point.

The Green Bay Packers will cover the 3 point spread on the road against the Philadelphia Eagles. Book it. Done.

My Lock of the Week is the Detroit Lions to cover the 7 point spread on the road at the Chicago Bears.

And on Monday Night the New York Jets will cover the 1.5 point spread at home against the Baltimore Ravens. Boom outta here!