Real live music

As winter looms over North Dakota the Fall Festival in Medina might be the last chance for a state-wide staple, the street dance.

I’ve never seen a street dance before coming to Jamestown. Most of the time in Wisconsin streets were too busy to be shut down or the venue was big enough to hold a stage, band, equipment, and people to listen to the music.

So head over to Medina if you want to catch some music from a band called Gravity. I would offer up more information on this band, like a link or maybe even a song, but it seems like there are more than 50 bands with that name, at least according to the all-knowing Google.

But I’m sure it’ll be a good time. Heck, I was even having a good time at the end of the Zwarte street dance show a few months ago. (Trust me Zwarte is not my bag)

I haven’t decided if I’m going yet but if I do and any readers tell me they read about it here first, I’ll buy you a barley soda.

SIDE NOTE: Sun sports scribe and “Caddyshack” fanatic Dave Griswold disagrees that “Blue Velvet” was the finest movie made in the 1980s. What a dork.

2 thoughts on “Real live music

  1. The best movie of the 80’s was obviously “Amadeus” and I want a barley soda for my correction of your erroneous movie selection.

  2. The best movie of the 1980s was, obviously, Howard the Duck.
    I will not open the floor for debate.
    And who the heck decided Ben could have a blog?

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