Much respect

Nothing fancy here today just a shot out to my buddy who completed basic training at Ft. Leonard Wood, in the show me state yesterday. He graduates today.

He should ship out to Afghanistan after Christmas.

I’ve known Kevin since sixth grade, back in the days when bowl cuts were all the rage. Later we had some pretty crazy times in high school, most of which I can’t post here. In fact I tried locating a picture me and him from Facebook and I don’t think any of those belong on here either.

Anyways we went different ways in college, he to Milwaukee and me to Green Bay. But we still got had some fun in Milwaukee.

Like, in 2006 when the Bears made it to the Super Bowl and ultimately lost. Let’s just say I lost a bet and ended up buying enough barley pop in Milwaukee to go around for a while.

I learned my cricket dart game from Kevin and was also there the night his CD player got stolen from his Jeep outside a Milwaukee bar. I don’t think we can forget the Bob Dylan concert at the Rave either.

But those days are long gone. I’m up here in North Dakota remembering the good old days. He spent the last 12 weeks training to defend our freedoms, like my right to waste everyone’s time by writing this blog.

Much respect to you Kevin and to all of those Americans willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice. I know you’ll make one hell of an Army Ranger and that your friends and family are proud of you.

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