Best in The Buffalo City Area is back

It’s that time of the year where area businesses face off to find out who is the Best in the Buffalo City Area. The best part about this is that readers control the results.

Also new this year is that we moved the contest online so you don’t need a paper and a stamp to cast your votes.

We are talking everything from chicken wings to new siding.

First though we need to whittle the competition down a bit by nominating your choices.

You can vote right here

It can also be found on our website on the right hand side, for those that troll the site with regularity.

Go ahead and nominate away because it closes on Sept. 22. (There’s something else special about that day…)

What are you waiting for? Nominate already!

2 thoughts on “Best in The Buffalo City Area is back

  1. I’m thinking that September 22 is gonna be a nice night for good beer and cheap thrills *this meaning a free meal and cheap drinks at the coolest hang out in Jamestown… The Vets* Enjoy growing old my friend.

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