Reach for the sky, partner

So this is totally random but last night while eating at La Carreta, my favorite Mexican joint, my good buddy and fantasy football whipping boy Jeremy mentioned a movie that I thought was well beyond his knowledge of cinema.

Maybe I’m just on a Robert Rodriguez kick right now (which I am, please check previous posts) but man I thought no one and I mean no one in this berg known as Jamestown would have ever seen this film, but oh has he ever.

Those who have seen “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” may have known it precursor was “Desperado.” No biggie there.

But, because of my extensive background in cinema (I worked at a video store for like two years, yes I know VIDEO) I saw the flick that predated “Desperado.”

“El Mariachi” (please add Sergio Leone spaghetti western music now)

Normally this is where I would say “book it, done.” But this film has it all, a low budget, an excellent DOP and most importantly, a stunning foot chase as the big action scene.

I recommend this movie strongly to anyone who has Netflix, well because I’m a dork who enjoys cheesy shot-em-ups.

But really if this trailer doesn’t sell it I don’t know what will…

By the way we have a winner for my last blog entry about the crazy Jacko fans. My ski buddy Cocktail, (don’t ask, his last name is Cruise) spent his valuable work place hours dominating my blog. I’ll update this later with a picture of the goods.

By the way those in need of the best stage lighting around, I’m talking primo goods, I know a guy.

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  1. I think we own this movie…

    Interestingly enough, I am VERY interested in speaking with someone about stage lighting! More info please!

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