A grand gesture

Alright it’s nearly the weekend and as per usual I always find something going on in or around Jamestown that features local talent. This weekend is no exception.

This cause is important to me because it supports local arts in high school, which is where musical talents can develop and blossom.

A concert called “The Gift of Music” is at 7 p.m. Sunday at the high school auditorium. This is a community concert where people will be singing to raise funds for the newly purchased grand piano.

If you aren’t sure what the big deal is these fancy pianos can cost mucho dollars, Like for one grand piano I could buy between five or 10 of my current vehicle or one really, really nice vehicle.

Local talents will showcase their abilities to help pay for this gorgeous grand. (Mad blog props if someone can tell me what kind of instrument a piano really is, maybe some swag if it’s a local answer.)

This show is well worth the $7 for adults and $5 for students with IDs or seniors considering where the money is going and how much of an investment an instrument of this caliber is.

So skip the Sunday night game, go out and support your local music scene. I would but I’ll be working here making sure the news comes out alright.

5 thoughts on “A grand gesture

  1. The piano is a string instrument. You know, like a guitar or a banjo or a harp or a dulcimer or a violin or a trombone. Wait, not like a trombone. It’s more like a non-electric keyboard.

  2. Hey thanks for the blog on the concert, it was AWESOME! The performances were wonderful and the audience was very generous and supportive. Great student support as well.

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