Behold the glory

 It’s not every day where you come across a beer old enough to buy itself if it walked into a bar, but that’s what Sun Ace Photographer John Steiner dropped on my desk last week.

It’s one of my missions in life to try a beer from all 50 states, I have 17 states conquered. I’m also talking about craft brews, no homemade micros please.

A few states have restrictions that bar craft brewing, for example Alabama. Other states like North Dakota and South Dakota just don’t have any craft breweries.

Which is why I was so surprised when Stein Dog dropped this creation strait out of the 1980s on my desk.

It’s an unopened bottle of the “Official North Dakota Centennial Beer” or so the upper label tells me. It’s also made with 100 percent North Dakota Barley.

Not sure if it was brewed here but it does say it was bottled in Cold Springs, Minn. Still I find it pretty amazing John got his mitts on one of these throw back beers.

I’m sure this bad mamma jamma has probably gone well beyond stale and there’s no way I would ever attempt to try it. But cheers to John for digging it up. Maybe he raided a time capsule…

3 thoughts on “Behold the glory

  1. What’s so surprising? He has a fridge full of them, next to Spotted Cow. Just try to get one out of him…………….

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