For entertainment purposes only

Seriously don’t take me to Vegas, I mean it would be a great time but I can’t bet picks worth a flip. Maybe nickel slots and blackjack, wait last time in Deadwood that was a bust as well. No more gambling I guess.

I slipped to .500 percent over two weeks which means I’m half way alright, still I’m much better at picking games then those hacks in Pig Skin Picks. (I’d be afraid of my great football mind if I was them too)

Let’s not waste any time and jump right into the action

I’ll take the Jets over the Fins by the 1.5 point spread.

Houston will throttle Dallas covering the 2.5 point spread.

Two Dat Nation will prevail over Hotlanta by more than the 3.5 point spread.

My Lock of the Week will be the Detroit Lions covering the 11.5 point spread at the Minnesota Vikings.

And finally look for Vick and his Eagles to trump Jacksonville by more than 2.5 points.

There it is fans, by the way my Lock of the Week has not missed, in that respect I’m batting 1.000.

Still I wouldn’t trust myself.

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