He gone

I’m not one to admit when I do wrong; it makes me feel embarrassed and sometimes a bit ashamed. This is why this following post is difficult for me to write.

Last night I had sports writer Mikey Savaloja over for a video game session and we played “MLB The Show 10.” Please allow the following nerdspeak.

This baseball video game is by far and away the most realistic thing ever created as far as baseball games go. There is a Road to the Show mode where you create your own player, go through entire seasons and strive to achieve Major League stardom.

Well I achieved it, but ended up saving over it last night thus deleting close to 100 hours of dedicated play. That’s right 100 hours.

It reminds me of the time in college where I spent an entire summer slaving away at “Gran Turismo 3” only to walk away with an 80 percent plus completion status. The following semester the memory card was stolen and all was lost.

If I could put a picture of my face with my palm securely in it on here I more than would. But I’m stretched today.

Eh, you know what? Just going back at it is the best part of these games, I’m going to lace up my virtual spikes and get back out there, with multiple save points.

4 thoughts on “He gone

  1. I feel your pain. Back in the day, I had spent countless hours mastery the world of Pokemon. I had successfully captured all 150 as well as the fabled Mew, which I had gotten from a friend who used a frowned upon Game Genie. One day, I was trying to help out a fellow Pokemon trainer and decided start my game from the beginning so I could trade him both a Charmander and a Squirtle for him to add along with his original Bulbasaur. I did, however, not realize that in order to trade via cable link, you must must save progress. Thus, all was lost and never again have I achieved greatest as such as before.

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