It has returned

My dear readers please allow me the chance to grace you with this photo of the new and improved Throlson Trophy, the traveling weekly prize of the best fantasy football league ran by the best commissioner in all of fantasy sports. (You guessed correct it is me.)

What originally started as a women’s bowling trophy from the ‘70s has been transformed into this beautiful spectacle of fantasy football dominance, graced by my gorgeous mug.

It has been held by many hands and is in its second season for sprucing up the office, this year it also has the opportunity to travel to different businesses in Jamestown, like last week, it’s first week at AgriCover.

The last winner my buddy Jeremy added the man in the back signaling, that it is indeed good.

I figured I’d better put a picture of this bad mother online because there is no way Jeremy will have a chance to see it in person again.

Take it in readers, take it all in.

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