That’s right it’s packed today, busy, busy, busy, busy day. But that’s the way it supposed to be before a vacation.

That’s right loyal readers; yours truly is hitting the road. Open up Wisco because your native son is coming home.

I’m talking family, friends and oh yeah, a little thing called Farm Aid 25.

Me and the buddies hitting up Miller Park for a concert from Neil Young, Willie Nelson and John Cougar, not to mention a ton of other artists. Brats and beer baby!

But it’s more about the music and the farmers, here’s a video, yo!

But seriously I am way too busy today which is why, my dear readers, you get not only a sweet video but
also my picks for the weekend. I’m just that generous.

Seattle will rock St. Louis by more than the single point spread.

Houston over Oakland by the three points.

Looks for the Bears to give the Giants fits and cover the four points.

The Pats over the hot Fins in a heated rivalry by more than the one point.

And lock it down because here’s my lock of the week Cinci over Cleveland by more than three points.

Wow readers, two for one, I am just that nice. Maybe it’s because I got a vay-kay right around the corner or maybe it’s because part of the vay-kay is Farm Aid. One more video coming at cha!

Boom outa here.

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