A didgeridoo for you

How can I not blog about a didgeridoo show in Jamestown!?!

Artist in residence Paul Taylor at the Arts Center is bringing his Down-Under game to the table Friday night at the Arts Center.

Still not sure what a didgeridoo is, take a look at this video featuring didgeridoo-superstar Xavier Rudd, but stay with it because it’s a long one. (The jam picks up just more than two minutes in)

Of course Xavier Rudd will never come to North Dakota but I’m sure Paul Taylor is a fine substitute.

While Rudd may be more contemporary I’ve got a hunch that Taylor is more traditional. Heck both are Ausies.

In fact Taylor’s made some recordings to prove it, just can’t find any legal ones on this here contraption called the Interwebs.

But check out Taylor, its $5 for Arts Center members and $7 for everybody else. Friday night at 7:30 at the Arts Center. I might go myself if I’m still in town.

Catch ya on the flip side loyal readers.