Who needs coffee?

So it’s Monday, it’s the morning and it’s the start of another week of work covering the news in and around Jamestown, what better way to start the week with a cup of coffee. Right? Wrong.

I found out a while ago when going to a Badger football game with one of my cousins that the best way to hit the road and wake up is the musical stylings of… you guess it. James Brown!

I don’t touch the java anymore, and haven’t for some time.

For me the drum loops, the inadvertent shouts coupled together with a tight horn section got me moving this morning.

But picking the right James Brown song is kind of like ordering a coffee at coffee shop. So many choices, most will get you up and moving, but there’s the one right tune that really hits the spot.

If I was forced to order some fancy drink from a cafe, I would have only one real option. Spiced chi tea, heated with a two percent milk base.

In much of the same style I would pick “Hot Pants (She Got To Use What She Got To Get What She Wants)” from James Brown’s “In the Jungle Groove.”

(I still don’t understand why people call me weird around here…)

Anyways here’s my audio joe for those who want to wake up and cut loose at the same time.


SWAG ALERT: Oh yeah because I’m enjoying this jam right now the first local person who can tell me where “In the Jungle Groove” ranked on Rolling Stones top 500 album list, wins, a coffee mug!

5 thoughts on “Who needs coffee?

  1. In turbulent times, I turn to the man with all the answers.
    Ben, could you please give me the 411, the straight dope, the answers to all the burning questions?

    The web poll asks if the Legislature should develop a formal policy on bulling in schools.
    Wouldn’t this anger the North Dakota Stockman’s Association, a powerful loobying group?

  2. crashdavis won the question, and again the SWAG has been returned to the pile. At times I dislike google.
    As for Roy Rogers. A soon-to-be propossed bill was presented to the school board. However, because the school board also owns a ranch, where they get the cattle to feed the children a policy on bulling is all the rage. I myself prefer an organic steak when I get the chance, but most of the time I end up at McDonalds.
    I need to update this thing more so readers spend less time trolling the main site….

  3. Hey, they changed the poll question!

    So, are people in favor of a policy on bulling or not?

    I need to see some hard data on this, doggone it.

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