Was it worth it?

I ask myself questions all the time. “Was it worth it?” Is one that bears repeating.
Was it worth it to join two pool leagues? Well so far, yeah, we got lucky and beat the home team last night in mixed league.
Was it worth it to super size those fries for two extra Monopoly pieces? No not really because I already have Pennsylvania Railroad and Indiana Avenue and the last thing I needed today was extra fries.
Was it worth it to steal these sweet 3D glasses off my co-workers desk? Of course, instead of four eyes I now have six.
But here’s a question to all readers.
Was it worth it to see Jackass 3D in the theater?
Granted, I am wearing awesome glasses right now, but I don’t think they offer these specs in Jamestown.
I know I laughed my way too much at the first two, I even took a fine lady to the second one and it worked out well.
But I need to know readers, is this movie “that” good? Is it worth seeing in Jamestown or driving to Fargo for the 3Dness?
Please answer my questions this time around, I implore you.

4 thoughts on “Was it worth it?

  1. If you were going to play Monopoly, you should have mentioned it to me, I throw my pieces away unless I win something. Also, there are very few movies worth a 200 mile round trip and Jackass 3-D is not one of them. I’ve heard mixed reviews. However, if you would like to go in Jamestown and take a fine lady, hit me up.

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