That’s bull

One of the perks as a reporter is going to events and taking pictures, or in the case of Friday night, trying to take pictures.

I was just at Bull A Rama at the Civic Center trying to get some shots or bull boys doing their riding thing, I didn’t have time to wait around for the greased pig contest, and like always it was too dark for our cameras with the small flash to pick anything up.

But I did hear some rodeo clown humor that I must share with you, my loyal readers, now.

(Larry the Cable Guy voice) How many of you out there did that cash for clunkers program?
(maybe half a dozen small claps)
(Larry the Cable Guy voice) Well I heard it done worked well. I got 99 percent of the Obama bumper stickers off the road!

Now it got more laughs than people who said they participated in the program but since when aren’t Democrats welcome at bull riding contests?

It reminded me of an old SNL skit you can find the link here.

Who’s More Grizzled?