Too bad, so sad

How great was Sunday Night Football? Aaron Rodgers and company sent Old Man Favre home with a loss and a boot. The Old Gunslinger really gunslinged that interception to Desmond Bishop.

The old man even has an SNL parody going around right now that’s strait cash homie! It’s extremely funny but I don’t think I can link it here so find it yourself loyal readers.

I even offered some cheese to some down-and-out Vikings fans as a peace offering but almost got punched in the face. Seriously.

I was in a good mood and still am, which is why I played Stevie Wonder on a juke box.

As most readers know I frequently post songs on here so enjoy this Stevie Wonder and think of me dancing
in my Aaron Rodgers jersey.

Find some political meaning in this post trolls. I dare you.

4 thoughts on “Too bad, so sad

  1. Well, if the Vikings employed a head coach with a basic knowledge of how to use the replay challenge system, they would have won the game despite the pathetic efforts of the cameraphone QB.
    The Packers were exposed as a perfectly mediocre football team. They managed to beat another perfectly mediocre football team that could potentially be moderately adequate with a functional quarterback and a coaching staff.
    So celebrate if you must. I can think of several reasons someone would consider punching you in the face, actually.

    And beside, your post is a classic example of LIBRUL MEDIA bias. I bet your a Kenyan Soshilust Mooslim. I know its true cuz FOX NEWS is fare n balanced!

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