My life on a cocktail napkin

Last night I met a descendant of a Texas soothsayer, or fortune teller, guy’s name was Mike.

Mike told me of his ability to properly predict some outcomes in peoples’ lives and asked me if I wound mind if he took a shot at me.

Being the open mind that I am I said sure and I grabbed a cocktail napkin and a pen and off he went.

During the course of my life I will marry twice.

The first wife will be an attractive coworker who was recently divorced. She’ll be good looking enough that people will routinely wonder how a dame like that ended up with a bum like me.

We will have one child, a daughter who Mike said I’d be disappointed with.

We will get married while I’m in my mid-30s and divorce before I turn 42.

At the age of 42 I will discover something to benefit mankind and from that point out I will be pulling in about $1 million a year.

We will have two children a daughter first who will go onto be a public figure and very successful.

The next child, a son, will go one to serve a career in the military.

I will be happily married until my wife dies in her 60s, probably of cancer.

Death will come for me after the age of 85.

During my life I will stay in journalism but after my wealth I end up giving more than half of my money away. I will be remember as a philanthropist and a socialite.

This is much better then the last time when I got my palm read and the girl said I would die alone and broke.

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