‘I Heart Huckabees’

When people take a look at my DVD collection most are surprised by my choice in film. I own lots of “weird” movies. Basically I have a few films with low budgets and low gross earnings.

“I Heart Huckabees” is no exception.

The film is a philosophical comedy that focuses on Jason Schwartzman’s existential detective investigation conducted by Lilly Tomlin and Dustin Hoffman.

Add in Jude Law, Naomi Watts and oh yeah Mark Wahlberg and you can see that this is a great cast.

I’m not big on philosophy but there are two competing theories throughout the movie which basically are that everything is connected and that life is pure chaos.

Everyone in the movie seems to have a weird obsession with Shania Twain, she also makes a cameo at the end.

The soundtrack complements the movie well and all of the special effects were done on a Macintosh G5 system.

Anyone who might wonder the big questions about life should look into renting this 2004 Fox Searchlight movie. It’s a quirky, fun movie but does have some adult language.

Here’s the trailer.