Da Thirty Point Buck

Yes readers deer season is right around the corner, and while I am semi proficient with the use of firearms there’s no way I’d use one to kill a living animal.

But since I won’t hunt the closest I’ve come to killing a deer is with a vehicle. Round these parts everyone has a car deer story and I want to hear yours.

My story involves a near collision outside of Sundance, S.D., on a trip to Deadwood, S.D.

A deer brushed my buddy’s car and literally would have dusted my hair with fragments of glass, but missed by a matter of inches at quite a high rate of speed. This happened after 10 plus hours in a car.

Let’s here your best car-deer story, The winner will get some swag, this I promise.

I’ll keep this contest going for a week because I want to hear some funny stories, let’s go people.

One thought on “Da Thirty Point Buck

  1. After a party for my boyfriends’ dad who was leaving for Iraq, I was insistent that I had to drive Kitty home. Being furiously careful on my one mile trek, I was driving a whopping 12 miles an hour when a deer ran into my driver’s side door. He stopped, shook his head, and carried on. Thank God for fiberglass (or whatever a 99 Plymouth Breeze is made of) doors. No damage and I arrived unscathed at my destination.:)

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