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As I sit here correcting pages refusing to watch the Country Music Awards, I happen to be rocking Pandora, a great service that pulls up artists and songs related to ones you already like.

I don’t know if people buy CDs anymore, I know a few whack jobs actually buy new vinyl, crazy people.

But regardless I’ve been on a bit of a Killers binge (which is never a bad thing) and was just listening to some tunes when Pandora pulled up a song from their lead singer’s new album.

It’s by Brandon Flowers and it’s called “Flamingo.”

The songs I have heard only further the fact that Brandon Flowers is the heart and soul of The Killers and the songs are right up my alley. Think like John Mayer on “Continuum” but more of the synth sounds that are a Killers staple instead of Mayer’s guitar.

Here’s a pretty sweet music video, complete with ninjas, also right up my alley. Just have patience with the ad please.

If anybody has this album I’d like a little more input because my listening has been limited.

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