Swag has been sent

Those who read this blog frequently know that I like to give things away every once in a while in some type of form or contest, even if I am the judge and jury.

Those free items are called swag and often bear the logo of The Jamestown Sun.

In fact one reader won some swag from my last blog post.

I finally got to mailing this away to a winner in Virginia.

Why thats right. It’s a cooler with six can coozies, all for reading a blog.

This blog has lots of knick knacks for readers who become active and comment. Next time it could be you.

3 thoughts on “Swag has been sent

  1. Hey, I smell a rat here!

    As the rightful winner of this swag, I must declare this whole thing a travashamockey! I do not live in Virginia. Methinks someone has pulled a fast one here.

    Aye caramba.

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