November Rain

Look out the window and I sound like a ranting lunatic, it’s snowing, not raining, and people are having trouble driving in it.

We’ve had a dry enough November up to this point. But as one person told me today “People aren’t used to the snow yet.”

Listen to the police scanner and the numbers uttered the most are 10-50, or better known as an accident.

I got used to the driving here and if you get stuck behind me you’ll know it’s me because I’ll be going about 15 mph.

Slow and steady is good enough for me but last night I was a bit worried when my tires started to spin on the ice going up stadium hill.

But what really churns my butter is the fact that this November had zero rain, at least in Jamestown.

Since the start of this blog I’ve been waiting for November rain because I want to share one of my favorite music videos, “November Rain” by Guns N’ Roses.

Since we’ll be looking at snow for the next five or six months I figured enough already, it’s GNR time.

They don’t make videos like this anymore; it’s like a nine-minute long movie. It also stars Axl before he went off the deep end and started punching people in the face at clubs.

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