Teach Me How To Bucky

Those who know me know how loyal I am to my home state, Wisconsin. Moreover I’m loyal to the University of Wisconsin athletics program.

Anyone who knows me well also knows I went to the University of Wisconsin Green Bay, not UW. But our D1 athletic programs at Green Bay are not nearly as impressive at those in Madison (I do cheer for the girls’ basketball every time they make the NCAA Tournament).

In fact UWGB doesn’t have a football team because Vince Lombardi gave the school $1 million at its inception in 1965 for the sole purpose of not creating a football team because “Green Bay is a one football team town,” said ol’ Vince.

So I am bubbling with joy over the fact that the Badger football team will smell the roses in Pasadena, Calif., on New Years Day, playing in their first Rose Bowl since 1999. Yes a BCS Championship game is all but all certainty for UW.

Students at the U are pretty darn creative too, as this video was made by students and has nearly 1,000.000 You Tube hits.

This video has a lot going for it, bashing the rest of the Big Ten, including Minnesota, while also glorifying how Wisconsin is the best in the conference this year (We did split the title, but UW is ranked the highest).

One thing Fighting Phoenix have going for it more than those Badgers is the fact that our football team hasn’t lost a game since 1965.

Go Badgers, or as they say around Camp Randall, Go Bucky!

3 thoughts on “Teach Me How To Bucky

  1. 1. Auburn is not going to lose
    2. Oregon is not going to lose
    3. TCU is not going to lose

    The top two teams in the final BCS Standings shall play in the National Championship Game.

    5. Wisconsin will not be playing for the national championship this season.

  2. Wisconsin will go to the Rose Bowl not the BCS Championship. I ment to say a BCS game not a championship game, thank you for the correction. Also, Go Bucky!

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