No he didn’t

The holidays are a wonderful time for most. Seeing how I live 800 plus miles away from my family I have to make do on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This isn’t all bad as I made a few friends with holiday connections that only return to Jamestown a few times a year. Thus while others are dinning with in laws and grouchy relatives I get to meet new people.

One of which this year was Dan Dewald. I know what three of you are thinking; yes that Dan Dewald, the radio talk show host.

Dewald is out of Grand Forks and can be heard on KNOX 1310 on weekdays from 2 to 5 p.m. Those who really want to find a live steam, I’m sure you can just Google “Dan Dewald show.”

Anyways, Dewald and I sat down with a mutual friend and shared a few drinks and conversations about governors with mustaches and bullying and also more mustaches.

Well I proposed Dewald and I shoot a game of pool, as I do with most friends, and continue the conversation.

His response: “I don’t play games of chance.”

Really Dewald!?

Here’s a clip of my response or something like it, I’m pretty sure I said a few of these things.

Come on Dewald, billiards is a game of skill, not chance. And trust me after you denied my proposal at pool I promptly lost $6 at a game of chance because I chanced that some dude from Iowa knew how to play blackjack. Mistake.

Anyways his radio show is decent, I liked his transition from nacho cheese, to Wikilinks, to dead air yesterday.

But who am I to judge, he was live for the first time and it was my first time listening. I’ll probably listen again in the near future, as should you.

Have you heard Dewald and his love of nacho cheese? If so, sound off.

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  1. Haha…I’m pretty sure McEnroe was on the list of biggest whiners among professional athletes I was telling you about.

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