What is wrong with FIFA?

Russia will host the 2018 World Cup with Qatar getting the bid in 2022. Both were considered major underdogs but still won the bids.

Qatar beat the U.S., which was led by Bill Clinton and Morgan Freeman on the bid committee.
Russia beat out England, Spain-Portugal, and Belgium-Netherlands, with Vladimir Putin absent
from the Russian committee.

I’ll post the story on the website.

Does anyone else see this or am I blinded by rage/caffeine?

It’s no secret that bribes often take place FIFA decides what nation will host the world’s biggest tournament,

In fact two members on FIFA’s committee to select a host country were already removed earlier in the past weeks for taking bribes.

The U.S has the infrastructure and has no need to build additional stadiums, it is a cultural melting pot and is a nation where soccer, or football, or as the Dutch say, futbol, is growing slowly but steadily.

Qatar is 130 degrees, ’nuff said.

Attending a World Cup game on U.S. soil is one of the things on my bucket list, and I thought 37 years old would be a long enough wait. It’s at least 41 now, possibly 45 or 49.

Readers, what just happened here? We just got skunked!

2 thoughts on “What is wrong with FIFA?

  1. It’s a crock – the US held the most profitable and sold out WC. SHENANIGANS!

    On the bright side, perhaps vuvuzelas will be “out” by then.

  2. Dude, it’s soccer.
    As the late great Mike Royko said:

    Soccer: It’s not that we don’t get it. It’s just boring.

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