Gaming disaster

It has happened again; I somehow managed to upset an entire virtual city while playing Fallout 3 for my PS3.

Let me get those that don’t game up to speed on Fallout 3. It’s a post-apocalyptic world and you roam the country near Washington DC looking for your dad who for some reason left the safety of the underground bunker you grew up in. Various mutated creatures roam the country side and your job is to kill them or they will kill you.

I’d post the trailer for the game here but it’s not for children and quite violent so if you want to see it you can do that on your own, but it’s pretty good.

I was checking out Megaton, the main home city with your home and all the shops, when I found this raider (a person who kills other people for fun) who said he’d join me on my cause but that I was “too much of a goody two shoes.”

So I began stealing items in the local bar to lower my karma and get him to join my cause.

In doing that the patrons of the bar got upset and started attacking me with knives and guns, so to stay alive I took care of business and wiped them out.

Well the local sheriff didn’t like this and he went after me, so I took care of business and wiped him out.

The towns’ people took notice and while I was in my house, they broke in and destroyed my personal robot butler Wadsworth, who tells witty jokes like “Protons have mass? I didn’t even know they were Catholic.”

Now every time I enter the city I am greeted with gunfire and angry mobs.

I’m calling on fellow video games nerds out there to help with out. Is there any solution to this quagmire I found myself in? If there is and it works the submitter will receive some swag, I’m in over my head here.

One thought on “Gaming disaster

  1. Pause the game, then hold L1 and press Circle, Right, Up, Down, Circle, Right, Up, Square, Triangle. If the code was entered correctly, the screen would shake.

    Wait… That’s for Tony Hawk Pro Skater. My bad, I always get them confused.

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