Cheeeeeese please

Those in the office know this, but I take pride in saying that I work at the cheesiest newspaper in all the land.

It goes back to a year ago when I asked my mom to send me a care package of Wisco cheese, the finest anywhere. Well last year I got my package and The Jamestown Sun office enjoyed the six days of Cheesemas. Thanks ma!

I must have hit a nerve because though out the entire year other people started bringing in cheese. Aged cheddar (As we say in Wisconsin “cheddar is better”) organic pepper jack, beer cheese, salsa infused colby, gouda, jalapeno jack — cheese from Oregon to the birth place of all things cow, Wisconsin — The list goes on for miles.

In fact there’s been so much cheese here that a certain photographer refers to snack breaks as “the 3 o’clock feeding.”

Well Cheesemas is back thanks to my lovely mother who sent more of the best cheese I’ve ever had.
That’s right colby jack, pepper jack, mild cheddar, colby, cheese and salami, oh and the string cheese that makes you weak in the knees. None of that French garbage, we’re here American at The Sun.

Cheesemas will have to wait till Monday to get kicked off, Even though a certain co-worker tried to hijack my beloved package I still have mucho respect for his cheese picking abilities.

Given the choice of being in Orlando, Fla. or having all the cheese to eat, I’d pick the cheese. It’s just that good and Orlando is cold, expensive and in Florida, redneck capital of the south.

Those who doubt my cheese need only to look at the box.

Happy cows do indeed come from Wisconsin.