Jon Wayne and the Pain

I only caught the tail end of their set last night at the Corner Bar, which was surprisingly packed for a Sunday night.

First and foremast I am a man of sound, and whoever was running the boards last night did an excellent job. I even told him after the show.

The band was a funky mix of Peter Tosh and Sublime and it was an entertaining hour or so. Lets of bass guitar and way out there sounds made for an interesting show.

The whole group really had the audience in the palm of their collective hand and really got the crowd fired up as anyone watching the dancing could have told you.

If you missed the show you missed out. But no worries because the owner told me he definitely wants to bring the group back.

I will be out of town but this Sunday the lead singer will have a solo unplugged set at the Corner.

It was good to see some live music in Jamestown even if it was on a Sunday night. As last night proved bands can thrive in Jamestown, let’s get some more.

We haven’t had any comments in a while so if you were in the crowd last night sound off and let me know what you thought of the show.

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