He’s considering it!

Yesterday I tried to convince Time contributor and my favorite columnist Joel Stein to come to Jamestown and feature this great town and this great state in his biweekly “Awesome Column.”

Here’s what he replied:

There’s more than one Dakota? How many are there? 5? 6? I shall alert my editors and get to the bottom of this.

Sorry no one ever addressed the problem. There are so few people at Time now that there’s probably no one to respond to that kind of thing anymore. Did you email the person who wrote it? That usually works.

I’ll see if my editors want to send me to East Dakota to see if even I can get a job.

But I’m waiting until spring.

Thanks for the offer and the idea,

California pansies can’t stand the cold, have another glass of orange juice Joel and get on up here. We’re waiting.