Credit where it’s due

So last night following a Green Bay Packers victory I found myself at the Corner Bar anticipating Jon Wayne and his acoustic set.

A buddy tracked Wayne down before the show and we chatted about his last show and how much I enjoyed it and what he had planned for the night.

I had one request for Wayne: Blues.

I consider myself a bit of a bluesman. Nothing makes you feel better than listening to some old timer ramble about how bad he’s got it, when you yourself have a pretty decent lot. I’ve also been playing the blues harp for a few years.

Well Wayne came through and played “Red House” by Hendrix at the end of his set. Other notables also include “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show and “Fire on the Mountain” by the Grateful Dead.

I was surprised by the OCMS and how good the turnout was for a Sunday.

It was a good set and the mayor of Jamestown agreed with me. He also said we should get together and jam. I’d most likely break out my A and D key Lee Oskar harmonicas (funny side note, Oskar played with the Dead at the closing of the Winterland).

So I’m putting it here first, be on the lookout for a Jon Wayne and Jamin’ Willie show. I’m sure I’ll put the details on here first. (Benjamin William Rodgers = Jamin’ Willie — my blues name).

One thought on “Credit where it’s due

  1. Glad to see I made “On the Record With Ben.” It was a good show, and if you want to see local talent return and perform in Jamestown, show up for them!

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