Ski N.D.?

I went downhill skiing this weekend in North Dakota, no joke.

It wasn’t the like Big Sky or anything out West but there was a chair lift.

Some friends and I drove down to Fort Ransom, which is a beautiful area by the way, to take in the Bears Den — and for this blog I’ll call it a ski area. They call it a mountain but its basically hilly pasture land.

Still it was a great time. The temps were below freezing for most of the day and powder was tough to come by, but it was affordable and only an hour away. Plus when we got stuck in the ditch on the way down a nice farmer got us pulled out fairly quickly.

I’d say the average age of those on the hill was probably 16 and about 30 people were there, basically we had the place to ourselves. There were a lot of snowboarders though.

If you’re looking for something to down in N.D. and haven’t downhill skied yet, make the drive, but call ahead.

My friend took a couple of videos, one watching me from his point of view carving down the hill and another fixed one, where, I in near-perfect control cut up the steepest part and my friend bombs it and losses some gear after a fall.

I will post those on here as soon as I can, that way you can also get a view of the place before you go.

One more thing — GO PACK GO! More on that later…