Movies staring snakes

First off I haven’t blogged in a while and for that I’m sorry. I’ve had ideas for posts lined up for days but alas not enough time to get them all down.

But you’re in luck because I’ve been on a Sam Jackson kick lately. I can’t remember how or why I ended up on my most recent Sam Jackson kick, but it ended up at Rock 30 where I promptly purchased “Snakes on a Plane.” That’s right the title is just as good as the movie.

It stars Sam Jackson and a bunch of snakes on this plane that’s about it. It reminded me of a brief I read online about a boa constrictor that was found on a Boston subway. Which prompted me to tell the clerk about my idea for a new movie when he burst my bubble.

There already was a “Snakes on a Train” and they had it in stock. It was a straight to DVD release and it looks real bad. This makes “Snakes on a Plane” look like an academy award nominee. Be the judge.