Free music

So I’m not going to link to a live concert this week but I will like to some pretty good streaming music.

The Strokes’ new album “Angles” comes out on Tuesday. Because you read this blog you are awesome and therefore are entitled to a link where you can stream the whole thing.

As for the music itself, It is not the traditional Strokes — kind of modern and computerized. I don’t know, it’s still worth a listen.

Judge for yourself.

3 thoughts on “Free music

  1. I’ve been listening to this album all morning. First impression is that it’s not up to par with their early works. I’ll definitely give it a few more spins and see if it grows on me. Thanks for the share.

    • I think it’s a little more modern and stylized than some of their early stuff, it’s still good but just a different type of good. Glad you enjoyed it.

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