Still waiting

I don’t often watch documentaries because — well I have specific tastes that are hard to cater to — and lots of film markers see topics differently.

I’m not opposed to the idea of learning while I watch a movie, I just question what I want to learn.

But, beat an idea into my head long enough and eventually it’ll stick. So yesterday while proofing what could very well be the last Morton Kondracke column, I read the name of the film again.

“Waiting for ‘Superman.’” I cover the school board here in town so I figured it’d be worth a watch.

I heard the educational system nationally was in a bind, reading about Michelle Rhee in Time Magazine and hearing from some old high school teachers from back home.

But I had no idea. I won’t get into any spoilers but at the end of the movie I was feeling disgusted that education in certain U.S. cities came down to an end like that. But elated for those lucky enough to get a leg up.

Watch the trailer and find out what I mean. Then go and rent the movie.

3 thoughts on “Still waiting

  1. Most of the time, if someone is using a documentary to convey an idea I don’t trust them. There are exceptions. But by and large documentaries have become spin machines. Wouldn’t you agree, Ben?

    • I would hope they are trying to convey an idea. What’s wrong with ideas? Also if you are the same Mark Grinavich who wrote a letter to the editor, you need to contact our assistant editor Logan at 952-8451.

  2. This documentary is extremely one sided. It patronizes the use of charter schools, however their failure rate is in line with, and sometimes higher than regular public schools. It’s not all wrong, but it certainly isn’t anywhere near “truth”. If this is the only source of your opinion on public education, you’re as dumb as they wanted you to be.

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