A review of the Scottish play

I was pleasantly surprised after I caught Jamestown College’s “Macbeth” Saturday night, though more people should have shown up. I heard Thursday was a pretty full house though.

The cast did a great job acting out the roles in the sordid tragedy known as “Macbeth.”

Some characters went a little more insane than others. Troy McIntyre (Macbeth) did a great job losing his mind on stage as did his female counterpart, Rachel Braff (Lady Macbeth).

The three witches already were absolutely crazy, which is what they were supposed to come off as. Their opening scene really made the rest of the cast look normal by comparison at the start of the production.

It wasn’t too long after that the murdering, lies, evilness and everything else takes over.

I’m not much of a thespian and have only seen a handful of Shakespeare’s works acted out, but it didn’t take long for the ol’ noodle to pick up on iambic pentameter, as I was required to read it in high school and college.

Regardless, I thought the cast and crew did an excellent job for this production.

Almost as impressive as the acting was the set design and costumes. The set was adaptable and easily changed to transition from one location to the other.

Costumes looked authentic to the period, and the sword fighting and stabbings were carried out better than I expected. Let’s just say they weren’t using plastic swords.

It was sad to see a co-worker leave at intermission because he claimed to have no idea what was happening, but alas “Macbeth” is not for all.

He missed out. Maybe four years from now he’ll come around.