Sad, depressing comedies

How I ever lived without Netflix before I do not know, but now that I have it I can legally watch a ton of cool movies.

While I was Stumbling on my Firefox 7 browser I came upon a list of the new cult movies, and I remember seeing one of them on Netflix, “World’s greatest Dad,” staring Robin Williams and written and directed by Bobcat Goldthwait. He’s that comic that looks and acts like he’s always strung out.

Anyways I was really surprised at the range of emotions I felt during the movie. I went from opposite ends of the emotional spectrum pretty fast. Sad to happy to shocked.

Plus I found a new musician to check out, he has a cameo, not to mention the rest of the soundtrack is pretty quirky.

As always here’s the trailer.

That’s not it though. I texted Sun sports guru, Dave Griswold, and he recommended other movie that can be considered a dark comedy “Wristcutters: A Love Story.”

I didn’t necessarily feel sad for the characters but felt as if I was being taken along on the ride. It’s a quality I’ve previously felt watching Jim Jarmusch movies, but nothing by Goran Dukic, who is a relatively new director.

Another musician had a role in this movie but didn’t play himself. I’ll tell you because he makes an appearance in the trailer I’m about to embed.

It’s Tom Waits! Who doesn’t love Tom Waits? Ask me sometime and I’ll tell you a story about Tom Waits.

Here’s your final trailer. If you’ve seen any of these let me know what you thought. I’m also looking for more dark comedies to take in.

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  1. no such thing as firefox 7, dude. not yet.

    plus man netflix is sweet lots of good movies with tatas in them!!!!!

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