“The Brothers Krimm” booking signing in Jamestown

There will be a booking signing tomorrow, Thursday, April 28 at 1:30 p.m. at the Alfred Dickey Public Library.

I would have mentioned this sooner but I’m having troubles reading this book (I’m slightly over half way through).

“The Brothers Krimm” is a non-fiction book about the lives of two brothers. One was a bank robber and the other an everyday-hero for serving 20 years in the military.

What makes this tale unique to North Dakota is that the older brother, Jimmy, was a serial bank robber who knocked over several banks in this part of the country and Canada — an estimated 35 in total, including one Jamestown in December of 2008.

On the other hand is Rob the brother who was sexually abused as a child by Jimmy for a period of five years.

Fiction is one thing because it’s made up, but to hear this story as told by Rob to author and current managing editor of the Crosby Journal, Cecile Wehrman is something completely different.

Wehrman herself was a victim of sexual abuse. She and Rob delve deep into a sad and twisted life. It’s an intriguing read so far, but being so personal and real it’s hard to swallow.

Wehrman, a resident of rural northwestern North Dakota, approaches the book like an investigative journalist and uses facts and research throughout the story. At least up to the point where I am at.

The stark differences between the two brothers are expected, but there are some odd similarities.

If any of this grabs at you go to the book signing and pick up a piece of North Dakota history, and met Wehrman and Rob to hear some of the story from themselves.