So who has two thumbs and had a blast at the roller derby Mixer of Mayhem this weekend? Give up…

It was this guy!

If you missed the roller derby this past Saturday at Wilson Arena you missed a good time watching a new and exciting sport.

My estimates say somewhere between 400 and 500 people showed to watch women on skates hip check and knock over other women on skates.

The pink team held on to beat the green team in what I’d call a pretty captivating bout.
And while these women may look mild mannered off the track, once those eight wheels hit the pavement they are anything but.

There were a few nasty falls along the way and I wish the one woman who seriously hurt her ankle a speedy recovery.

So women of Jamestown, get out and check this sport out. We are in need of local skaters for future bouts. And those who don’t want to grind it out on the flat track, be sure to check the next bout out whenever it comes back to Jamestown or you’ll be sorry you didn’t.