The anti western

It’s a story where an out of place traveler ventures to the end of civilization and meets nobody.

It’s Jim Jarmusch’s 1995 film “Dead Man” staring Johnny Depp and a slew of other notable actors.

It contains elements of a western but is shot entirely in black and white and tinges with radical tidbits.

For instance the entire soundtrack is done by one man — Neil Young.

Sure it has gun fights and shoot outs. But there are some scenes that would put spaghetti westerns into the insane asylum.

Unlike John Wayne westerns, “Dead Man” is a minimalistic film, lack of color, lack of music, small cast, rural setting, minimal dialogue.

At the same time those elements make the story clearer, easy to follow and more realistic, even though it borders on craziness.

For fans of Depp an entirely new side directed by Jarmusch is waiting on Netflix. It might even be at a local video store.

As always here’s the trailer.

I forgot to mention Iggy Pop is also in this movie!