The Hidden Gem

On the way back from a potential story this afternoon I and Sun Chief Photographer John M. Steiner spotted a rummage sale.

As always, in pursuit of cast iron cookware we stopped by for a quick look.

No skillets, but we did find a collection of cassette tapes (our composing department here routinely rocks the out-dated format)

So for 50 cents we walked out with a collection of tapes.

Upon closer inspection I discovered a tape from one of the best live concerts ever preformed.

“A Black & White Night” by the greatest musician to ever rock the wayfarers, Roy Orbison, and a group of his friends.

Orbison preformed the concert on Sept. 30, 1987, about 15 months before he died of a heart attack at 52.

It’s about as classic as Orbison can get.

He plays some of his greatest songs in that classic baritone.

But more notable is the list of “friends” he has sit with him in this session. Elvis Costello, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, Jackson Browne, K.D. Lang and Bonnie Raitt, are a few.

Not to mention several studio musicians who happened the play with The King himself, Elvis Presley.

Sorry Jamestown, John and I are keeping this one for ourselves.

But I will share a tune from one of the greatest concerts ever.

What a band! Never again will such a masterful backup band ever be compiled!