Sweet addicting shame

It is has finally happened. A start up, non-platform, physics-based video game for mobile devices has become the most popular of all time.

If you can’t guess the name, please respond and let me know how nice it is living in your cave.

Sorry for that and no offense to non-Angry Birds fans, but I like think I grew up playing some pretty awesome video games.

Some of those include a bunch from the Gran Theft Auto series, Madden games, Halo, and San Fransisco Rush.

I even had Tetris on the old school Game Boy, and could complete Super Mario Bros. 3 on SNES faster than most.

But alas, it is a new era. You ain’t cool if you ain’t got a Nook, or Kindle, or iPad, or iPod, or handheld tablet. I have a mini disc player which means I’ll never be cool in this new age of electronics.
This story right here shows how explosive and lucrative this new media age can be.
Plus the game is extremely addictive.