Musicians in Jamestown?

This weekend I attended the “Freedom Sings” concert at Jamestown College with my friend Jessica. It was a great time.

The musicians were very talented and the message about our five essential freedoms guaranteed in the First Amendment was well conveyed.

After the show we met up with some of the performers, who were taking in the Jamestown nightlife.

I ended up talking with Dave Coleman about everything from J.J. Cale to Warren Zevon to Neil Young to Victor Wooten.

Coleman has a Nashville, Tenn, based band, the Coal Men. While he didn’t play any originals at the “Freedom Sings” concert, I could tell this man knows his music.

Over the course of the evening — in between him and I putting on a karaoke show for a lucky group of Jamestown residents — I found out he’s released three independent records.

I also found out there’s nowhere in Nashville for an aspiring harmonica artist.

Regardless, I thought I should share some music from the Coal Men with you.

Here’s the song “Farther Find Me Now,” which was featured on an episode of “Deadliest Catch” on the Discovery Channel.

You can find out more about the Coal Men here