Why I love Q’s movies

Every now and again we need a mental reset button. I find the best way to escape is to get engulfed in a great movie.

Quentin Tarantino’s movies tend to do that for me.

Great dialogue, unpredictable plots, resurrected stars, and resurrected music.

Aside from the bloodshed and profanity, Tarantino offers his audience a killer soundtrack in nearly all of his films.

Each flick has one song that sticks out. “Stuck in the Middle with You,” from “Reservoir Dogs” and about half a dozen great ones from “Pulp Fiction.”

From the movie “Death Proof,” this song sticks out.

Just great, isn’t it?

So my question for today is can anyone out there tell me the band and song Tarantino tried to bring back with his movie “Jackie Brown?”

I’m going to need both the band and the song name.

Winner gets a screwdriver on me.

3 thoughts on “Why I love Q’s movies

      • It opens and closes the movie, much like Sound of Silence does in “The Graduate.” I thought it could have been the one you were looking for.

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