It ain’t a Super Bowl party until…

It ain’t a Super Bowl party until…

You see a St. Bernard in a Giants jersey.

Last night was a great party with fans in Giants, Patriots, Steelers, Packers and Lions jerseys.

My buddy Jack cooked up a storm with homemade jalapeno poppers and ranch, pulled pork sandwiches and anything else you could want to eat.

Only the big game can bring together people and dogs to watch football and shove their faces full of food.

Aside from the St. Bernard there were five other pups about the place.

It was a great game with great people and one painted face.

Jack is also a diehard Giants fan and I’m pretty sure he lost his voice rooting for his boys and celebrating the W.

So like any Super Bowl blog post, here’s the part where I post my favorite commercial:

I just want some more pulled pork sandwiches now…