Mmmmmmm, live music

This Friday tune in Tokyo will be at Trax in Jamestown.

I caught a bit of their set in Fargo many moons ago and immediately upon my return to Jamestown told my buddy Lucas who owns Trax to book this band.

That was probably about a year ago, if not longer.

So he finally got them to come to Jamestown.

I have been waiting for this show and at 9 p.m. tomorrow I get what the band I wanted to see.

Tune in Tokyo has a foxy lead singer and doesn’t hesitate to play songs by bands like The Killers and White Stripes.

I couldn’t find any videos online of them covering those songs, and their Facebook page was unavailable so here’s the only video I could find.

It also happens to be my favorite Pink song, “Raise Your Glass”

Warning there is some NSFW language in here.