Molding the youth of Jamestown

This morning I had the opportunity to meet with interested high school students and discuss what it takes to be a reporter for a daily newspaper, more specially The Jamestown Sun.

I was one of about 30 professionals from Jamestown at the career/literacy fair day.

In total, I talked three groups of students with about 10 students in each group.

I’m sure the Marine had full groups for each session, but sometimes it feels like a warzone in here.

I discussed what goes on here, what reporters do (trust me it’s a lot more than report) the types of stories we write and some of the basic skills needed to write a story.

I found that some students were more engaged than others, and also that teaching is not an easy profession.

It was a nice change of pace to take an hour off from doing my job, to talk to some students about how I do my job.