Addicted to sci-fi

I devour science fiction as often as I can.

Whether that’s the latest Neal Stephenson book or a journey back into the books of Kurt Vonnegut, I really like the genre.

I had to read all four “Lord of the Rings” books before I watched the movies.

From “Logan’s Run” to the new “Battlestar Galactica” it’s tough for me to stop.

I even admit that I enjoy the less intense TV shows on SyFy, or at least those available on Netflix.

My latest addiction to entertaining TV has even kept my from a friend’s manuscript, although I am plugging my way through it.

“Eureka” just released a new season and don’t start unless you can’t stop.

The show is family friendly and pretty dang nerdy. It’s a playful, wholesome, good time and it’s hard to stop watching once you get into it.

As always take a look. It seems like forever ago but here’s the extended look into the pilot.

I fly my nerd flag high.

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