Moonrise Kingdom

I got to thinking this morning while listening to David Bowie, why don’t more people make movies like Wes Anderson?

Then I remembered “Oh yeah Anderson has a new movie coming out in late May called ‘Moonrise Kingdom.’”

It also hit me “That’s right I never blogged about it because the only trailer I could find at the time was in Vimeo.”

So I figured it’s about time to show a trailer for what promises to be one of this summer’s more offbeat flicks at the cinema.

IF this movie comes to Jamestown I will be there on opening night. That’s only IF I don’t have to work. In which case I will catch it at the next available opportunity.

However, I’m not sure if a Wes Anderson movie ever played here.

Does anyone remember seeing “The Life Aquatic,” “The Darjeeling Limited” or “ The Royal Tenebaums” in Jamestown theaters?

One thought on “Moonrise Kingdom

  1. So excited about this! About time for aenthor GREAT film to come out. One of the songs at the end of the trailer is a song also played in the famous Pride and Prejudice scene where Darcy and Elizabeth dance their steamy dance. Who would have guessed an Elizabethan era ballroom dance song would be used in a totally different way in a totally different movie? Love it.Thanks for passing along!

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