‘An Evening with Chuck Klosterman’ in review

Last night I had the honor of listening to famed North Dakota native, now Ney York based writer Chuck Klosterman address a group of people at Bismarck State College.

Klosterman gave a run through of how he got where he is today, and much to my surprise he didn’t have that hard of a time getting there.

“Fargo Rock City” took a while to take off, but when it landed, it landed in the good graces of some influential writers.

From there on out a collection of essays here and a novel there, and next thing you know he’s made a pretty good name for himself.

Klosterman said he aimed to discuss popular culture in depth at an exclusively low-brow level, as was the case with “Sex Drugs and Cocca Puffs,” a book he really doesn’t like. Even though it’s his best selling book.

He talked about his new novel “The Visible Man,” which he later signed a copy for me.

His writing style is just do it, no holds barred, just write.

Klosterman also talked about how to get a book published, for any aspiring authors.

He also discussed briefly his opinion on the UND nickname issue.

While Klosterman didn’t tell anyone there how exactly to vote, he said voters need to “step back from the issue” and approach the ballot with a “pragmatic” approach.

He said keeping the nickname could harm UND athletics and it could also put North Dakota in a negative light for the rest of the country.

On a brighter note, he talked about the Black Keys as the band was starting out in Akron, Ohio, as well as the fact that right now he is on a major Hold Steady kick, just like yours truly.