Chips Ahoy!

If this caught your attention you probably are — or should be — a fan of the Hold Steady.

While perusing the internets at home I came across this wonderful idea called the A.V. Club Undercover.

The A.V. Club for those that don’t know is this most serious arm of The Onion, the newspaper that’s built around satire.

However the A.V. Club is most serious about everything media; and the Undercover idea is worth checking out.

It’s simple, 25 bands, 25 songs, first come first serve basis. Craig Finn and his band tackle Huey Lewis and The News following the link.

Almost all of these videos are great, but seeing how I have a few tickets to the Hold Steady next month in Fargo, I thought I’d share this one.

“The Power of Love”

It’s at the Aquarium so unless you got tickets … too bad.

Check out these other Undercover videos and when you have some time check out the Hold Steady.